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Chapel Baptism

A few months ago we held a baptism here at Brooklyn Bible Chapel. Here are a couple photos from the event. This is also great time to remember what baptism is all about.

Commentary on Baptism:

Baptism is a one of the two ordinances (the other the Lord’s Supper) established by the Lord Jesus Christ for the New Testament church. It is most closely associated with forgiveness of sin (Acts 22: 16), repentance (Acts 2: 38), discipleship (Matt. 28: 19) and union with Christ (Rom. 6: 1 – 14). In the New Testament, it always follows salvation. Once an individual accepts Jesus Christ as Savior, a new manner of life is to follow. Salvation involves both the forgiveness of sin through the blood of Christ and repenting of the former way of life. Repent being defined as a turning about, as to turn from a life of sin and turning towards Christ as Lord. Becoming a disciple entails following Christ and learning from him and living as he would live. It is impossible in human strength and effort to live as Christ lived, but we are empowered through the Holy Spirit who is now indwelling every believer. Baptism symbolizes the putting to death of the old sinful nature and arising anew in the new nature. It is a public proclamation of being united with Christ in his death in payment for the person’s sins, and being raised in newness of spiritual life and intending to serve the Lord.

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