Here is a list of some Internet resources we have found interesting. This is only a sampling of sources available and some contain links to hundreds more. The fact that they are listed here does not mean that we are necessarily in agreement with everything presented on these pages.

Answers In Genesis – Deals with creation and evolution issues
Baltimore School of the Bible – Good place to study the Bible
Best of the Christian Web – Lots of Links to Christian sites
Bible Study Tools – Numerous translations and tools for in-depth Bible study
Biblical Studies Foundation – Good source of study material
Brethren Ministry Recordings – Thousands of Audio and Video recordings
Christian Answers – Especially good for children and teens
Christian Classic Library – Enough reading material for a lifetime
Christian Computing Magazine – Good articles on software and Christian publishing
Sermon Central – Good source of sermon ideas
Sermon illustrations – Good illustration source
Sermon Links – Links to sermon outlines (Bible Chapter & Verse Index)
Sermon Seeds Outlines – Mainly outlines and thoughts
World Wide Study Bible –  Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.
WRBS Christian Radio – Christian radio station covering Baltimore and Washington

Of course this is only a very small sampling of sites on the Internet. I’m sure you will find them interesting. There are thousands and thousands of others which you will see when you go to the different search engines. If you have sites you would like to share, or you find some of these links missing, please let us know.


1. Pornography is a problem on the web and if you are concerned you might consider a filtered site provider, especially for children. The place most likely to encounter pornographic material is through search engines.

2. There is a lot of information on the web but some of it is just plain error. You need to be cautious about believing all you read.

3. Sometimes it is a good idea to read help material with search engines. They each have their characteristics in how they search.