The Brooklyn Bible Chapel finds its roots in Masonville, a little home like village of yesteryear. Masonville was a railroad town in the 1890’s that today is only a memory. At the turn of the century the village reached a population of a few hundred people.

A little church school was started in the community by a family named Leishear. In 1918, Dr. Davis became an ardent leader of the early group. In 1922 a Sunday School Class was started which later rented then purchased a home in Masonville for their meetings. Mr. Sneppe went through the neigborhood to tell children it was treat day. It wasn’t long before friends and relatives from Curtis Bay and Brooklyn came to join the villagers in social gatherings and meetings. In 1927 Stan and Margarite Loizeaux joined the work.     stanmargarite2   followed in a few short years by other active families like the Grays, Tates, Voshells, and Warfields.

handjgray Herb and Josie Gray      tates The Tates Parents were invited to attend with their children in 1931 and by 1933 an additional home next to the meeting house was purchased to accomodate the growing group.


                        Masonville Sunday School – 1942

Names like  Acree, Akehurst, Arnold, Carneal, Chaney, Cookus, Copper, Drinks, Edds, Ellsworth, Faber, Foster, Frances, Gleason, Gray, Harman, Holy, Jackson, Jeeter, Jenkins, Jensen, Jordon, Lancaster, Lemon, LeMaster, McNamara, Stewart, Tate, Voshell,  Warfield and Watson among them.

In 1943 the name was changed to Masonville Gospel Hall. Attendance was over 360 and no less than five sessions in three separate locations were going on.

In the early 1950’s the Curtis Bay Terminal expanded and little by little the once peaceful hamlet of Masonville was taken over by the railroad industry. In a relatively short time, all the inhabitants were gone. The Masonville group purchased a location at Jack and Sixth Streets, in Brooklyn, Maryland, where they continued to worship, taking the name of Brooklyn Gospel Chapel. At first it was only a small building, but in 1960 an upstairs area was added and a sanctuary built.

In 1973 the name Brooklyn Gospel Chapel was changed to Brooklyn Bible Chapel. The work continued to grow and 1998 saw yet another expansion of the present facilities. A side extension and additional parking area were added to provide more Sunday School class rooms and offices.

We continue to thank the Lord for His grace and blessing in the work.